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Roof Replacement Portland Oregon (J.Vaughan Roofing)

J Vaughn Roofing uses all of the best materials for siding, roofing, and roof replacement.  Our Portland staff of professional  installers are experienced, courteous, and conscientious.  J Vaughan is one of the most reputable roofers in the area and committed to your large and small roofing needs.

J. Vaughan Inc.J. Vaughan, Inc. is a leading roofing and siding contractor in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Jason Vaughan, a roofer since his teens, started the business in January, 1993. With the help of Keeley, his wife of 15 years, and Bob Mann, a close friend of almost 30 years, Jason has grown the business into one of the most reputable roofing and siding companies in the area.

Our family-style atmosphere and approach to managing creates a healthy work environment, which results in successful relationships with our clients. We are proud to say we have over 3000 satisfied customers. We are even more proud of the fact that we have done this and maintained a crystal-clean record the entire time. Please see the “How We Are Different” page.

What We Offer

At J. Vaughan, Inc., we provide unbeatable service for any house, condominium, apartment or commercial building. We are happy to service every call, whether it is a minor leak repair or a major tear-off with structural damage.

We offer the best quality available in roofing and siding materials. Our certified installers are experienced, courteous, conscientious individuals. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to $1,000,000.00. Our rates are fair and competitive and estimates are always free.